AIMS Approach

We position ourselves as a mentor or guide for the companies looking to startup, scale up or turn around. We would not only provide you with solutions but also help you implement them through hand holding and training.


We start by exploring the links between your organization, its people, processes and technology. This is basically a time to gather as much intelligence about the organization as possible i.e. structure, historical insights, marketing and business objectives, etc.  This will also involve interviews with key stakeholders, customers and partners in order to best understand the organizational culture, communication workflows, collaboration platforms and other relevant information that will help gather clarity about the business.

Situation Analysis

In this phase we analyze both the internal and external business climate of your organization in order to better understand the firm's organizational and functional capabilities, customers and the general business landscape. This could very well include the 5Cs Analysis, the traditional SWOT analysis, Porter five forces analysis or a combination of all three.


We share the draft design with you during this phase and finalize the road map of intervention based on your inputs. The intervention is fine-tuned and is now ready for execution.


We are with you during the execution phase, we rollout the fine tuned processes, train your people to implement these and when required hand hold them into the implementation. We manage the change for you.


We audit the functioning of new processes, there result in improving the measurable parameters like bottom line, top line and not so measurable ones like work environment and provide you with feedback on the same. Where necessary we suggest course correction with a view to further improve the performance.

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